Demian Kurejwowski

Demian Kurejwowski

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First Name * Demian
Last Name * Kurejwowski
Username * pelos
Country * Canada
City Toronto
Nationality Mexican
Languages EnglishSpanish





My ideal job

My ideal job is one based around teamwork, which is essential to increase productivity and synergy. I want to be surrounded by people who can depend on me, and people who I can lean on when I need help; people that will laugh when a joke is made, or comfort you when things are not going well. This is essential for me because great work always goes hand in hand with a great work environment.

Also, I’d like to have a boss that doesn’t tell me to do this or do that, but instead is a coach that trains and empowers me to perform a better job so I can deliver quality work, and from whom I get feedback constantly. My ideal job is where the primary focus is on the on-time delivery of assignments with excellent quality, and not on a static work schedule.

In this job, cultural diversity is valued, and each person’s individuality is respected. It is a job where my co-workers come from different nationalities and backgrounds, each bringing their points of view that then fuse together to deliver global products. Each person’s life & values enrich others people’s lives.

Most importantly, it’s good to have FUN! That does not mean it is all one big game. Having fun means being part of a culture that works around people’s ideas, where people brainstorm about art & technologies with top creative minds. It also means joining co-workers for a soccer game or to have dinner at the end of the day.